Data and document management software for Industry

Easily secure, organize and share technical documents between project contributors with Audros.

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Data and document management software for Industry

Centralize technical documentation

Audros not only collects documents - but also technical data - related to products (specifications, drawings, BOMs, images, weight properties, materials etc...). By recognizing the files most used in industry, Audros can automatically create professional documents: catalogs, product sheets, configurators etc.

By removing the re-entry and by thinning the exchange of data between applications, Audros allowed us to reduce data errors to less than 1%. Today, we ensure an average time period of 4 weeks for design delivery!”

ACB-B&W René SIEFFERT, R&D Manager

Organize and make use of the information, simply

With Audros, organize your data into predefined projects folders, code your references automatically, work on multiple site, and attach information from other applications... In Audros, information is connected by links to avoid its duplication. In short, you greatly reduce time spent searching, classifying and updating your documents!

Less than one year was enough to deploy Audros within the principal subsidiaries of GROUPE CAHORS! Today, the solution facilitates access to documents and guarantees the validity of the product information for all services. With workflow and electronic signatures, Audros has elevated the general level of quality!

GROUPE CAHORS logo pyramidal_CMJN Frédéric BOITEL, PLM Manager

Take advantage of unique features for collaborative work

Audros meets all industrial needs in terms of collaborative work. Sharing of data between participants of a project is simplified and secure: automatic conversion of native files in neutral format, retrieval and dissemination of BOMs (CAD, purchase, manufacture, Customer service...), electronic signatures, Extranet access...

Since the establishment of Audros at Latecoère Services the time spent on the preparation of technical files decreased from 1.5 days to 2 hours! Thanks to CATIA and Pro/E connectors, our designers can work together on the same projects and share CAD information in real time from any company site

logo-latecoere Christophe JACQUES, head of CAD development

Control your process and generate reports

With Audros, share all types of data between participants, including those on remote sites. Thanks to the connectors with third party applications (CAD, ERP...), you control the entry, the classification, and restoration of data to automatically generate quotes, dashboards, reports... The result: time saving, quick decision making and a significant reduction in non-conformances for your industry.

In a few years, Audros has become for all Radiall sites the only technical repository of our information system. Its integration in the ERP enables us to communicate and share best practices by offering important data accessibility and reliability.

radiall M. Frédéric Agriodos, Information System Project Manager

Start now.

Audros is intuitive and ready for industry.

  • Manage and dematerialize all your administrative documents

    Audros EDM centralizes, secures and shares documents between the various employees of your company in order to improve your productivity: dematerialization, document management, checking of invoices / orders,...

  • Manage the life cycle of your technical documents from A to Z!

    Audros Standard Edition ETDM simplifies daily document management,
    secures access to different expertise and facilitates the sharing of
    knowledge between employees, partners and customers.

  • Organize, secure and share files, properties and BOMs from your CAD

    By becoming your single CAD data repository, Audros SE CAD brings
    new saving sources and productivity to the Design Department.

  • Draw and automate your Business Processes

    With Audros, Workflow rely on the company email system and internet access. Audros allows to draw and to automate any type of work between contributors that can be located on remote sites.

  • Deploy a full solution for project management and reporting

    In addition to the management of a Project data (data sheets, CAD drawings, nomenclature studies, ranges, customer file etc.), Audros adds management and tracking of deliverables, milestones, tasks and resources an ongoing project.

  • Creates an automatic link between the data, documents and your ERP

    A simple and pragmatic answer to the requirements of document management and information-flow sharing from the design chain (PLM) to the supply chain (ERP).

  • Need a customized solution?

    Choose Audros Enterprise Edition, our customizable PLM solution!
    Manage all data related to the life cycle of products.
    Build a Technical Information System for Your Products.

    Discover Audros PLM

A strong expertise in Software development!

Since 1993, Audros focuses on helping companies to build a network of data and knowledge to leverage the business productivity. We rely on our PLM (Product Life-Cycle Management) solution Audros to manage and secure all documents, operations and data relating to the product lifecycle.

Over 15,000 users rely on Audros:

  • Knowledge in the field of manufacturing
  • Being close to our clients and listening to them
  • The responsiveness of our technical and support teams
  • The use of open technologies based on standards
  • French made solution, leader with SMEs of the manufacturing industry