30 more places for Audros Technology in the Top 250 French software editors

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This was the ninth edition of the Top 250 French software editors. Ernst & Young and Syntec Numérique join forces each year to establish the “Panorama of the Top 250 software creators and editors in France” in order to distinguish the players in software publishing and to deepen the particularities of this market.

Audros Technology, which had entered the Top250 in 2018, has decided to renew its bid for this 2019 edition. The company won 30 places among French software publishers compared to the 2018 edition and ranks 218th.

This “Top 250” is also an opportunity to take a look at the software market in France.

The study highlights that “the turnover achieved in 2018 by the 319 publishers included in the Panorama reaches 16.0 billion euros (compared to 15.0 billion euros in the 2018 edition of the Top 250 Software Publishers with 341 software editors present in the Panorama)“.

In addition, the international software market is stabilizing.

Finally, whatever the size of the company, they have the same strategic axes and the same difficulties, with in particular:

  • Innovation and R&D investments, which remain the core target for companies to develop.
  • The recruitment of new employees remains difficult even if in 2018 the number of jobs increased (14800 jobs or 8% increase).

The French software market remains extremely dynamic and innovative.

A few key figures to introduce you to the software sector:


What about the rest?

To learn more about the Top250, download the study on the software market in France

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