About Audros

Specialist in the management of Product information

Audros Technology is the Editor of Audros TEDM and PLM solutions dedicated to the management of all data, documents and operations throughout products' lifecycle.

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About Audros

Subsidiary of Visiativ Group, Audros Technology is a software company, recognized for its EDM, TEDM, Project and PLM expertise, with SMEs and large company subsidiaries since 1993.
As an editor and integrator of innovative software solutions, Visiativ Group is accelerating the digital transformation of businesses through its collaborative and social business-oriented platform. Since its creation in 1987, Visiativ Group has a diversified customer.

Dedicated to the management of data and documents throughout the product lifecycle, from design to manufacturing, the technologies developed by Audros helps companies to increase product reliability, to reduce time to market, to develop innovation and increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Implementing a corporate memory which is secure and easy to access
  • Simplifying the distribution of information flow
  • Guaranteeing data uniqueness throughout the product life cycle


A few figures…

  1. 220

  2. 15 000

  3. 26

    years of experience

The Audros group relies on a network of partners, these include distributors, integrators and publishers to market its software and carry out product deployment and support services.

Audros has become a major international player.


Audros international presence constitutes a major developement asset of its EDM and PLM solutions while ensuring long term growth.

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