Gain agility, this is what Audros solutions bring you

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Agile methods, what are we really talking about?

Agile methods, or also called Agile Culture, is more a way of thinking than a method described step by step. Whatever the method, their objective is to facilitate and optimize project management. Agile methods call for more freedom, creativity, adaptation for less planning. The objectives of this method are to adapt according to the progress of the project, the client’s expectations,…

This approach offers many advantages:

  • More flexibility since each part of the project is autonomous and even if one of the stages evolves, it will not impact the whole project.
  • Less risk because there is regular contact with customers, decisions can be made in a short cycle, …
  • Cost control as we know where we are going every step of the way.

Agile methods seek to be as close as possible to the operational reality. However, the implementation of an Agile method must be supervised to avoid that decisions change all the time and that the project gets stuck. The project manager will have a determining role to arbitrate the good of the project for the final customer as well as for him.


The benefits of data and document management solutions

With the air of digital transformation, many companies decide to implement EDM/PLM solutions. These solutions allow companies to benefit from a better management of their documents, processes, etc…

The 3 fundamental benefits of EDM are:

  • Securing your information

All documents are available online. Each version is archived, allowing you to keep a history of your documents. You therefore have the guarantee that all your documents are up to date and that each employee can work simultaneously on the same document.


  • – Better internal and external communication

EDM offers a personalized access to each collaborator according to his rights, his modifications,… Each person has access to his documents from anywhere and at any time, which facilitates internal communication.

In addition, some documents can be shared with your suppliers or customers. A single storage place allows you to find your documents more quickly and therefore to be always efficient and reactive.


  • A reduction in costs

Deploying an EDM solution already reduces the costs inherent to the traditional management of your documents: printing ink, paper, physical storage,… Moreover, it also allows you to reduce the time needed to find and process a document. Easier document retrieval means better productivity.


Reconciling EDM and agility is choosing Audros solutions

Managing your documents while controlling risks is a matter of course. It allows you to enhance the fluidity of exchanges while reinforcing the security of your information system.

Audros solutions have been adapted to meet its new needs:

  • A kick-off meeting is scheduled before each deployment of Audros solutions to involve all stakeholders.
  • Workshops are held regularly to monitor the progress of the solution’s deployment.
  • Training courses to increase skills throughout the project and adapted to the user profile
  • Agile and regular support to ensure that the project is a success for both parties.


The implementation of Audros solutions transforms the organization of a company. This is why it is essential that all employees feel involved.

You want to implement an EDM with a method that will convince all your teams, do not hesitate to discover our solutions!