AI : a new way to collaborate in the company?

Publié par Alyssia Tanrattana il y a 5 months | News

Image recognition, text recognition, conversational agents, decision help, predictive maintenance… Artificial intelligence is already well established. Marketing, logistics, control, human resources… All activities are concerned, and AI is presented as the next great industrial revolution, as important as the steam engine or the appearance of the first computers.

In 2018, artificial intelligence underwent an admirable evolution. With its ever more surprising innovations, it has been the focus of attention since its launch. The AI will continue to be talked about and will profoundly change the way we work in the years to come. What are the benefits that AI can bring to the company? How will AI transform the way we work together?


Collaborative work reinvented through AI

Artificial intelligence will not be able to drive out the human. In reality, AI is collaborative: it has no other vocation than to support the human being, not to replace him.

It enhances productivity but also inclusion. Scheduling a meeting can now be done via an assistant that automatically manages the calendars. The setting up and taking of notes is also facilitated by the AI, which has the ability to record exchanges in documentary format in different languages. Exchanges can be quickly found using automatic indexing and followed by people with hearing loss or who speak another language.

As for process optimization, more and more manufacturers are using AI on production lines to perform preventive maintenance. The automatic detection of defects in processes using cameras and image analysis (computer vision) also improves quality and safety.

In addition, mixed reality and augmented reality coupled with artificial intelligence are increasingly used for collaborative work. They allow to exchange on a project with other people and to illustrate through these representations.

In general, the work is made easier through increased research, known as cognitive search. Using AI makes it possible to analyze many technical, legal or commercial documents, find correlations between the various documents and extract useful information quickly.


Some sectors are more in demand, such as industry, retail or health, but it is important to know that all areas of activity are now concerned by AI. We can also notice a growing demand from public services or the transport sector. It is certainly important to succeed in integrating AI into the culture of the company and the organization, but the real issue remains data. Only companies that become aware of the importance of data as early as possible, establish a real strategy and culture around data are those that develop their competitive advantage.