Audros V9: Audros moves its solution forward

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Always inspired to innovate, Audros Technology makes improvements to its software solution.

“Significant investments have been made for this new version of Audros. The strategy enables us to be way ahead, and that’s because we consider as much as possible expectations of our markets. We trust in this 9.3 version that adds value to our clients” explains Christophe Rouchon, Technical Manager at Audros Technology.

The objective of this new version is answering always more efficiently expectations and needs of our clients, allowing them collaborate everyday thanks to all these tools.

Let’s remind us that the Audros software is compatible to various programs and office solutions used by our clients and allows simplify their exchanges, offering high valued functions.

Ergonomic and efficient

For a quality user experience, several improvements were made:

  • Improvement of AUPL in memory: loading 3 times faster thanks to a caching system
  • Maximized functions: research function, favorite function, business view
  • Improvement of the interface : merge of standard and specific menus, historic of modifications and historic of searches, position of buttons

Mobility and safety

Always available on mobile, Audros evolves to be a solution more agile and relevant:

  • FlowNet: decision making possible in the processes
  • Safety: total support through 2 protocols full HTTPS and files transfer in FTPS with encryption of passwords

Modules: news, evolutions and improvements

  • New modules in the PLM:
    • Management of various BOM: cadBOM, mBOM, eBOM
    • PDF Editor: bubbling and annotations of PDF plans
    • New version of DocRouting, a module to prepare operating ranges
  • Total rewriting of Modiflex for advanced management of modifications
  • Evolutions of CAD interfaces to simplify the use, reinforcing business points of views
  • ModelShape in Desktop mode with its improvements
  • FlowScan: improvement of the dematerialization tool thanks to advanced functions

You have a particular need and you’re looking for more information? Contact us for further details on the new version 9.3 of Audros software.


Development of a new interface: Audros’Apps

A few weeks ago, we presented the business apps (read the article Business applications, more than a technologic evolution). Today, our teams develop a new interface of the Audros PLM, EDM, TEDM and Project software. More user friendly and intuitive, the 9.5 version Audros’Apps will reinforce the user experience and will get new functions, new possibilities of customization and exclusive applications answering a unique need.

For an Audros’Apps preview, look at the business applications in our Extranet. Stay tunes, Audros’Apps is coming!