Audros, the right solution for every need

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Wanting to deploy management software is not only choosing the solution that has the most developed functional and technological scope. Implementing the “right solution” means more than just choosing the software and installing it. A successful deployment is, above all, a software solution that:

  • Corresponds to the functional expectations and objectives of the project
  • Is wanted and adopted by users
  • Integrates into the company’s organization and its IT system.

Whatever your need, the Audros solution is the one that will provide your company with a global vision of your organization, a fluid exchange, a considerable time saving and a complete follow-up of your production chain. On condition that you choose the right software!


A need = A solution

You have decided to implement a management tool in your company but you don’t know where to start? At Audros Technology, we support you in your project from the definition of needs to the implementation of the chosen solution.

  • Are you looking for specific information? Find it quickly thanks to EDM!

Initially, it is the cost of managing paper documents that drives companies to adopt electronic document management. Then, we realize that this software increases the efficiency of work in the company by 20% and that the dematerialization of all administrative documents (invoices, letters, purchase orders, …) influences the eco-responsible impact of the company. No more paper searches and duplicate errors thanks to the “search” function based on keywords or documentary attributes. Plus, all your documents are gathered in a single repository. In short, Audros EDM software simplifies the daily management of these documents and collaboration between departments!

  • Do you have a lot of technical data and want to structure them to share them?

To increase efficiency, the first requirement is to standardize all technical documents relating to product life and to manage validation processes. This is what the Audros ETDM solution promises you. Secure backup, alert or e-mail notification, change tracking, author and operation change history are just some of the features that will reduce activity costs, risks, errors and delays costs. In addition, Audros’ ETDM tool communicates with other ERP, CAD… solutions to reference technical data and avoid duplication.

  • Do you want to control all your product data throughout their life?

The Audros PLM solution is similar to an “electronic vault” that centralizes all data related to the lifecycle of your products, regardless of their nature (CAD plan, technical data sheet, quotation or invoice, product catalogue, etc.). Safely, follow your product throughout its lifecycle conception to market and considerably reduce update errors to always have the latest version of a document and thus accelerate the “time-to-market”. The PLM Audros software connects with your CAD and ERP tools and has many modules to meet every need: consultation, CAD data management, form creation, product catalogue generation, automatic link creation between study documents and your ERP-CAPM, etc.

  • Share your data from CAD securely.

Facilitating collaboration on a project and securing information exchanges is the dream of any design office. With the Audros CAD connector, organize your data from your CAD while automating low value-added tasks. To improve collaborative work, Audros CAD automatically generates neutral files that can be consulted by all departments of the company. Do you want to save time and limit the risk of error? You can create new projects from predefined templates or by copying your existing projects. Efficient!

  • Automate your processes while maintaining control with workflows.

Looking for an effective way to get the right information to the right person at the right time? Audros Process makes it possible to automate the flow of information within the company. This tool complements electronic document management to facilitate the circulation, modification, classification and publication of each document. How? As soon as a document to be validated arrives, an e-mail notification is sent to the employee concerned. Thanks to the workflow model defined by the administrator, any action is tracked and compliance with company procedures is ensured.

  • If you want to follow a project from A to Z with care, then Audros Project is the solution you need!

Each new project represents a new challenge: Are you afraid of managing planning, activities and milestones? Thanks to the monitoring of Audros Project and reporting tables, each data is processed, each task is ordered and every collaborator is informed of the progress of the current project. Plus, by presenting your projects in the form of GANTT, you can easily visualize the tasks to be performed as well as the milestones and roles of each collaborator. Another advantage: Each step is associated with the creation or validation of a document. Audros Project is THE solution that supports you throughout your success!

  • Audros ERP to go further….

To control exchanges and create an automatic link between your data and your ERP, the Audros solution interfaces with all the main ERP systems on the market to ensure the consistency and uniqueness of these documents. Thanks to Audros Connect, you ensure the correspondence and uniqueness of your data from design to manufacturing.


Are you interested in deploying an Audros solution in your company?

Once you have chosen the solution adapted to your needs, the deployment takes place in several phases. They are essential to ensure successful implementation. Find these 5 essential steps for the integration of a EDM or PLM solution in images by clicking here.

Do not hesitate to contact us to define your needs more precisely, we will assist you in your choice of the most appropriate solution with your request.