Audros Technology and the Visiativ Group announce their merger

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In order to jointly develop their markets, Audros Technology accepts a proposal to sell 80% of its capital to Groupe Visiativ

Lyon – April 17, 2018 – The Visiativ Group, publisher and integrator of innovative and collaborative web platforms, and Audros Technology, publisher of EDM/ PLM solutions, announce their merger. To date, a letter of intent has been signed so that the Visiativ Group acquires 80% of the capital of Audros Technology.

Audros Technology, which today has about 25 people with a turnover of 3 million euros in 2017 and more than 200 customers in the industry, has an ambitious development plan through various opportunities such as:

  • Its new Apps platform, meeting the needs of the 4.0 plant,
  • Its dynamic communication hub with its Audros solution,
  • Its global partnership with ERP publishers, and powerful connectors that the company has been developing for many years.

This merger marks a major step for Audros Technology to continue to support its customers, partners and distributors in France and abroad, through their various EDM and PLM projects, and to federate and boost its ecosystem.
The Visiativ Group, with around 830 employees and 15,000 customers, is a publisher of collaborative web platforms and integrator of software solutions. Among these solutions, there is Moovapps Factory, a true configurator of Apps allowing the industrial world and the service to accelerate their digital transformations and their innovations.

The benefits of this recovery for Audros and Visiativ customers

This operation is part of a common desire to meet the new requirements of their customers, to face the new technological challenges of industry 4.0 and to increase their international presence. Strengthened by their strengths and in order to accelerate their development, Audros Technology and Visiativ, through this agreement, see themselves:

  • Benefit from facilities to develop internationally through networks of ERP distributors worldwide installed, to which Audros has access through its certifications.
  • Offer new and innovative apps on the Moovapps Factory platform around quality, supply chain and dematerialization.

“The needs of our customers have evolved and they are looking for solutions capable of answering more and more transversal problems. Based on the strengths and complementarities of the two companies, a complete offer can be proposed to all industrial companies. This approach aims to develop the potential and the performance of the two players through the pooling of our expertise and our business skills. When we studied the options open to us, Visiativ’s seemed to be the most relevant for our customers who will benefit from an extended service.” says Kamal Cheballah.

Thanks to this technological and commercial partnership, customers will be able to access a wider range of products. “However, it is very important for Audros Technology to continue developing its innovative EDM, PLM and Project solutions for our customers as it has been since 1993.” adds Kamal Cheballah. For several years, Audros Technology has been part of the landscape of PLM solutions and the company intends to keep it.

“This pooling of our expertise allows us to assert our position as a reference player, offering software solutions with high added value, in the context of a lasting relationship with our customers.” conclude Kamal Cheballah and Laurent Fiard.

ABOUT AUDROS TECHNOLOGY – Publisher of software solutions, Audros Technology offers EDM, ETDM and PLM Audros solution, dedicated to the management of data and technical documents throughout the product lifecycle. Since 1993, Audros Technology has been designing IT solutions that help manufacturers innovate, reduce time-to-market and increase customer satisfaction. The Audros solution has more than 200 customers and 15,000 users in France and abroad.

ABOUT VISIATIV – Publisher and integrator of innovative software solutions, Visiativ accelerates the digital transformation of companies through its collaborative and social business-oriented platform. Positioned on mid-market companies since its creation in 1987, the Visiativ group achieved a turnover of € 124 million in 2017 and holds a diversified client portfolio of more than 15,000 clients. Covering all the French economic clusters and present in Switzerland and Morocco, Visiativ has close to 830 employees.