The chatbot, the new customer relations tool?

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For a successful customer relationship, companies need to consider the uses of their users. User habits influence their expectations of companies. The latter must adapt to them in order to continue to give them complete satisfaction. To respond to changing consumer demands, brands react and integrate new features into their customer relationship strategy. The chatbot is an example of this by revolutionizing the customer experience!


Why don’t we start by defining what a “chatbot” is?

Resulting from the merging of the words “chat” (online discussion) and “bot” (robot), and also called conversational agent, the chatbot offers the user an exchange in “natural” language with a “virtual” agent. It is a programmed computer software that allows, thanks to voice, text or image, to dialogue using automated responses. More and more efficient, many online businesses are being seduced. Chatbot is a way to relieve employees of recurring and repetitive tasks and to facilitate customer relations.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, the chatbot must be differentiated from a FAQ, it is self-learning. According to an e-marketing survey, the main objectives sought by companies using chatbots are to improve customer satisfaction (78%) and innovation (71%), well ahead of cost reduction (35%), revenue increase (33%) or brand awareness (31%).

By adopting a chatbot, the objective is no longer just to sell your product, but rather to offer a better customer relationship so that it can create added value.


The advantages of chatbot in customer relations :

If the chatbot is becoming more and more important in customer relations, it is not for nothing: it replaces the human to respond to simple exchanges and offer greater added value to the human.  The chatbot offers significant advantages such as 24-hour availability, responsiveness, … It allows to make a first selection between basic requests (opening hours, price of a service …) exploitable by artificial intelligence and more complicated interactions where human intervention is necessary (complaints, specific questions …).


Positive points for your customer relationship:

  • Available 24/7 and reduce waiting: the first undeniable advantage of a chatbot is its availability. Nothing worse for a customer than waiting 10 to 15 minutes to get information. A robot does not need to rest, eat or enjoy its hobbies. It is therefore fully dedicated to its task 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can respond to customers and provide basic assistance at any time of day.
  • Chatbot is available on messaging applications: take a close look around you and you’ll see that today everyone spends more time on the web, social networks and messaging applications. The same goes for your customers…that’s why the presence of chatbots is a real plus: your chatbot will be constantly present to ensure customer relations.
  • A less overloaded team, and therefore more efficient: Customer relations can be extremely fastidious: the team can spend many hours calling or sending emails every day. The more your customer base grows, the more time your teams need to spend on customer relations. Chatbot lightens the workload of your customer service department. Your team can focus on value-added tasks.
  • Facilitating the consumer’s buying process: a chatbot also facilitates the consumer’s buying process through the customer relationship it can create. It gives an instant response to an Internet user. Therefore, all recurring questions from customers can be handled by the chatbot, allowing to considerably improve the customer relationship and its purchasing process.
  • Increase customer engagement: it is important to maintain your customers’ commitment to your brand through digital tools. According to a study, companies that communicate with their customers on social networks have increased customer engagement and therefore their spending by 20 to 40%. Chatbots can also help to make engagement more interactive, often through humour.


The chatbot also has its limits in the customer relationship:

  • Limited interactions: Despite the spectacular evolution of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, it would be complicated to totally replace humans with chatbots. Exchanges remain limited to fairly simple and recurring requests.
  • Limited to a specific role: Cannot multi-task. A chatbot is limited to one request at a time and on a specific subject: return, refund, change of subscription, etc.
  • The importance of human relations: Even though digital has taken an important place in today’s society, a chatbot will not be able to replace a person on the phone or a handshake in a face-to-face meeting. This is why the use of chatbot must be considered in order not to lose the customer relationship.


Thanks to the chatbot, agents get in touch with their customers by getting a taste of the problem they are encountering thanks to the message history. These exchanges can also be automatically archived, allowing for a long-term customer relationship. However, in order to maintain a successful and rewarding customer relationship, it is impossible today to do without humans and rely solely on artificial intelligence, which is still not able to achieve the same capacity for social interaction.


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