Collaborative work and PDM for Design Departments

The transition from 2D to 3D CAD tools significantly increase the quantity of data, links and files to be managed. Classic Windows file management tools are not suitable for the organization, securing and sharing of CAD data (items, BOMs and files) between designers and designers in geographically remote Design Departments!

The associated solution:

With its CAD 2D and 3D interfaces, the Audros CAD software meets these PDM (Product Data Management) needs by:

Improving the control of archiving and extraction:

Reducing time spent on management and control
Time reduction

Making the re-use of 3D models possible:

Reducing the time spent searching the ‘where used’ of components and sub-assemblies
Reducing errors due to the improvement of ‘re-use’ capacities
More efficiently reusing existing designs

Management of collaborative work on one or several sites:

Accelerating design time

Generation of neutral formats:

Automatic conversion and storage of original files in neutral PDF, TIFF, DWG… formats
or any other 3D viewer format to take dimensions and make annotations

Lastly, unlike the software offered by the editors of CAD, Audros allows you to:

Retrieve CAD BOM automatically
Withdraw from this BOM derived BOMs (purchasing, manufacturing, customer services…)