Document chain automation

The Audros PLM is comparable to an “electronic control unit” that can organize all your technical know-how! The solution centralizes all the information relating to your products from unstructured data (costs, material, colour etc.) to a structured document built from data that is managed in Audros: a technical sheet, a CAD drawing and its cartridge, a product catalog, a quote…

Unlike competing limited solutions, Audros provides tools for the automatic creation of documents including Word ™, Excel ™, Open Office, Web and PDF documents from templates using any type of data stored in Audros (texts, images, tables, data calculated by macros etc.).

The automatic production of documents with Audros has many advantages:

  • Time savings accomplished through the elimination of multiple data updates for technical paperwork or Web documentation
  • Reduction in update errors (reliability of data)

  • Reduction in printer costs (data reliability, reduction in paper…)

  • Homogenization of document templates

The associated solution: