PLM Clipper

PLM Clipper software for management of products lifecycle

Audros Technology, editor and distributor of IT solutions for industrial companies, offers software of products lifecycle monitoring. These tools, such as the PLM Clipper solution, are essential for small and medium industries to maximize production processes and follow up the manufacturing evolution until distribution phase. This is about maximizing all information regarding an industrial product.

PLM Clipper software are able to manage production in real time, thanks to centralization and ranking of technical data from design to products’ delivery. These information regard all stages of industrial process: research and development, design, manufacturing, maintenance, storage, sales, transport, distribution…

With PLM solutions, you get an overview of your activity and can act quickly at all times with more flexibility, on the manufacturing mode, rhythm of machines… in order to improve your performances.

The PLM Clipper tool stimulates knowledge share within several company’s departments, and collaborative work.


PLM Clipper to test new processes of manufacturing and improve performances

We offer packaged software for SMB and SMI including various functions of PLM Clipper and EDM or technical EDM. You control products monitoring all along their lifecycle, enjoying an overview of the production’s general organization, in the manufacturing workshop or your factory. Thanks to a Technical Electronic Document Management: mass digitalization of all your data, ranking, archiving…
all information regarding your production unit and manufacturing processes is saved, archived to be easy to find.

You can act quickly in case of failure, improve some methods depending on results observed, adjust delivery planning, etc.

Our IT tools allow maximize all manufacturing channel and decrease production costs. Companies are more competitive. Indeed, efficient technical database analyses potential dysfunctions to decrease delays, mistakes rates… you ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Moreover, information centralization enables a qualitative observation of methods to improve them and test innovative manufacturing methods.

For any information about our PLM Clipper solutions, don’t hesitate to contact your provider of industrial software.