CONNECT by Visiativ, the interactive event of the year!

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Do you work for an industrial, retail or service company? Do you want to boost your growth and competitiveness by placing digital technology at the heart of your strategy?

Come and meet Visiativ Group and its partners!


CONNECT by Visiativ, what is it?

CONNECT by Visiativ, it is more than 1000 visitors, 20 partners, 60 solutions and more than 300 new products.

Who is this event for?

Innovation and operational excellence lovers, every contributor in the industry sector are invited.

Users of the Visiativ Group’s solutions, managers of companies, industrial, technical, R&D, sales, marketing managers, accounting and insurance firms, etc. are welcome at CONNECT by Visiativ. Every participant will be able to contribute to the exchange of experiences within the thematic communities.

What are communities?

Users, sharing similar challenges and issues, are grouped into communities. Thanks to them, participants will exchange and progress together. By promoting the sharing of experiences and solidarity, employees will save time and be able to learn new methods.

What are the activities of the day?

The day CONNECT by Visiativ is divided into 3 phases: innovations discovery, presentation of solutions in relation to your business sector and exchange time between specialized communities!

You will also be able to discover the prize-winners of the Lynkoa competition and the Factory Challenge at the trophy presentation.

But above all, CONNECT by Visiativ is the opportunity for you to multiply contact points, to enrich your experiences and to maximize the success opportunities throughout the day.

Will Audros be participate at the event?

Of course, you will be able to meet the Audros team during this day… Register now!


See you on October 18, 2018 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, at the Groupama Stadium, near to Lyon.