How to improve the customer experience with PLM?

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According to Econsultancy and Adobe’s 2019 annual report, the customer experience is one of the top strategic priorities for many companies. Nearly most consumers say they are willing to give up a brand or not continue to work with a company after a bad experience. Therefore, it is essential for a company to focus on the quality of the customer experience to ensure permanent customer satisfaction and therefore the sustainability of its business. The use of PLM software has proven to be the most suitable solution for data management. The collaborative system it offers is a solid foundation that will facilitate exchanges between your teams. However, is promoting these exchanges a response to customer expectations and experience? Delivering a customer experience that lives up to its name is a real challenge in any industry. The objective is always the same: to obtain new customers and keep those who have already been won over. But what is customer experience? How to improve the customer experience? How does PLM enable companies to optimize their practices to improve the customer experience?


By the way, what is the customer experience?

The notion of customer experience is the perception of consumers regarding their interaction with the company. It is, therefore, the imprint that the company leaves in the head of the customer following all the interactions that he may have had with the company during his purchase or consumption. More than ever, users are in control, and a quality customer experience leads to more trust and revenue. That is why it is important to establish a good strategy to make this route easy to use and enjoyable from the customer’s point of view!

Personalization of content and experiences is essential. By showing each of your customers that they are unique and making them feel special, you will send a positive message that they are important, and you care about them. In this way, you are more likely to establish a relationship based on trust, and thus create strong and lasting relationships.


PLM, for a successful customer experience!

PLM software enables companies to manage the life cycle of their products by providing a data storage space that contains all product information. PLM also makes it easier to automate the management of this data and to integrate it with other business processes.

Combining PLM and the customer experience implies satisfying part of the customer’s expectations. Indeed, when a person wishes to have information about automotive parts, he or she wants the data exchange phase to be fast, accurate and personalized. Having a PLM and implementing a strategy around data exchange and processing is beneficial for the customer experience.


PLM makes it possible to meet many customer expectations which are:

  • The software is customized according to the needs, expectations, society and objectives. The user then feels unique and special, he does not feel lost.
  • The implementation of secure automated processes
  • The availability of product information: description, visuals, videos, customer reviews… Finding this information is one of the key steps in the purchasing process. It is therefore essential that they are easily accessible.
  • Access to the right information quickly produced thanks to powerful indexing
  • An activity management with the control of the product with the details of the activities of a product, from its design to its final withdrawal
  • A collaborative tool for sharing, centralizing and standardizing product information
  • Better communication within the company with all departments and between different partners throughout the product life cycle
  • Extensive data management with a product structure and bill of material
  • The integration of other possible solutions: CAD, ERP…


Now that we have all the arguments, we can say that PLM and customer experience are inseparable in this digital age. However, it is important to consider that PLM is part of a global approach to processing data flows, thus facilitating the internal work of its teams while providing a better customer experience.

So, imagine that you are a company in which there is a lot of data exchange. What would happen if data management were not working properly, if processes were endless or if you lost and asked your partners for data again? It is simple: the result would be a loss of credibility and therefore notoriety. Because yes, an unsatisfied customer will always appear more than a satisfied customer!


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