Improve customer relations: how do EDM solutions contribute to this?

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Every document is an integral part of the company. It can be enriched, distributed, shared as well as it must be secured. It is essential to be able to access the document in real time to increase the competitiveness and reactivity of the company. A company’s performance is based on the processing and consultation of the information it possesses.

Electronic document management (EDM) is a set of tools and techniques for the dematerialization, classification, search, storage, and distribution of documents using computer software. Now less costly and less complicated, these solutions are increasingly accessible to small and medium-sized companies, which are themselves confronted with the increase in the number of documents exchanged and the deployment of dematerialized flows.

EDM has a double challenge: it can improve collaborative work within the same company but also with its ecosystem. What are the different GEDs? Does the use of EDM improve customer relations? How to establish a customer relationship in a company and how to manage it successfully?   Let’s find out together!


Multiple EDMs to answer specific needs


  • Administrative EDM

If there is one branch of activity where electronic document management makes sense, it is that of administration, the use of Administrative GED is a significant need. Today, the most dematerialized administrative document is the invoice. Imagine that you no longer need to create, print, sign, send and then scan your documents? The success of document dematerialization is based on the electronic signature: it facilitates the life cycle of documents while guaranteeing their legal value. It is a real challenge for companies, but also for public bodies that have to manage a considerable number of documents.

Administrative EDM involves the digitization and then classification of the various administrative documents (invoices, data sheets, purchase orders, forms, estimates, etc.). These digitised documents are archived and stored in various digital media. They can be communicated through the company’s internal network.


  • Human Resources EDM

The human resources department is involved in the production, processing, and management of many documents of all kinds: employment contracts, declarations to the authorities, pay slips, work breaks… The HR EDM solution brings reliability, comfort, flexibility, and security to the various employees and paves the way for the dematerialization of documents and processing. With HR EDM, you will be able to gather all your company’s documents and personal data on a single platform. You will have instant access to all the data, whether for a single employee or for all departments.

The HR EDM offers many advantages to the company:

  • The centralization of documents on a single platform
  • Better production of the HR department
  • A process of recruitment or departure of staff
  • A portal of forms accessible to employees (leave requests, schedules, certificates, etc.).
  • Data protection guaranteed
  • etc,…

EDM, at the heart of the collaborative

An EDM solution offers your employees personalized access to information, with management of access and modification rights. Everyone has access to the right documents, anywhere and at any time. In this way, EDM is a collaborative platform and brings real added value in terms of communication for users. The latter will be able to comment on a document, advise a colleague or external partner on the document, control changes made by readers of a document, etc. An EDM solution will make it possible to:

  • Improve collaboration within the company

Above all, EDM allows a real improvement and optimization of internal communication. Indeed, the risk of paper is that information gets lost and that one must be constantly kept up to date with the various updates.

Thanks to EDM, documents can be modified simultaneously by several collaborators, the loss of information is clearly reduced, and this strongly favours interactions within the company. Through various functions, EDM is a means to encourage collaborative work and internal communication within the company:

  • The workflow for change and document release.
  • A better communication between collaborators thanks to chats, comments on documents…
  • Simple and scalable management of user access rights to documents
  • The co-authoring system allowing several collaborators to work at the same time
  • The opportunity to comment


  • Improving customer relations:

Customer relations must be part of a management strategy to build customer loyalty. It is essential to promote the growth of the company. Customers demand greater responsiveness and better support from their suppliers. However, these expectations cannot be met if document flows are poorly structured or even inefficient. Assessing the role of customer relations in your company is also a way of anticipating (or not!) the desire to acquire an EDM solution.


Finally, EDM can simplify and automate the processing of some of these requests. Clients save time and gain autonomy. The employee is more efficient and can concentrate on other work tasks, with another added value! For more information about our EDM solution, contact us!