DevOps for your company

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You heard about the miraculous DevOps concept to deliver a software easily as pie? Or you’d want to know more about this work method? Take a few minutes to read this article. If you already use an Agile method for your company’s development and planning, the next step is adopt DevOps culture to boost your performance and quality of your deliverables.

What’s is hiding behind the word DevOps?

DevOps means much more than the two words Development and Operations combined. This is several habits easing collaboration of application developers and systems operations engineers. Maximization and automation of processes between these two teams enable develop and test software faster and deliver products that are more reliable.

DevOps is a real culture, a philosophy that grew between 2007 and 2008. After numerous dysfunctions in their field, development and operations teams rise their voice against a deficient traditional system. What they observe? Employees supposed to work hand to hand split in different buildings, who were focused on their own department’s objectives and KPIs. This operation and hierarchical silo had for consequence the decrease of software’s quality or delivered applications. Forgot to take a step back, only working for your own objectives and not foresee next steps of a project lead to a decrease of productivity, mistakes and at the end an incomplete satisfaction of clients.
To fight against this, DevOps encourage a teamwork philosophy that improves trust within the company, quicker deliveries, faster solve of requests and efficient management of unplanned tasks.
In order to push forward a traditional company culture, the concept suggests to promote teamwork, lean management, encourages inter-departments communication and the participation of various experts. The combination of an agile method, automation and continuous delivery would lead to performance, innovation and benefits for your clients. But, from where do we start?


Is DevOps suitable for your company?

Figures speak for themselves. According to the study State of DevOps Reports, companies working in DevOps succeed 200 times more easily their projects, do 3 times less mistakes and correct them 24 times faster.
Today, the concept is adopted by every kind of organization, from startups to CAC 40 companies.
DevOps is an excellent approach for online or digital companies always innovating. For them, the DevOps benefit is considerable.
In the contrary, if your company is neither innovative or IT, the concept will help you create a good cohesion of your employees. However, benefits won’t be more important, since DevOps applies to Web/application/software tools.
These are some food for thought useful for DevOps culture planning. Foresee work methods of your web team for the next months is a first point. Then you’d have to think collectively to work methods, let your teams suggest new processes, ask them about involve operation people in development projects, or know who’d be interest in learning new skills. Finally, think to DevOps during recruitment or make candidates aware of the possibility to progress with this method.
If you have to deal with some experts, here are some tips about DevOps 2019’s to be aware of.


DevOps: what expect in 2019?

DevOps approach proved its relevance about automation. It is closely linked to Cloud. Next Cloud’s evolution should be the “serverless”. It consists in writing the code of an application or software without having to configure servers and machines or update them. Developers can focus on their tasks and not take into consideration IT’s obligations. Thanks to development processes automation, we’re getting close to “No Ops”.

New jobs raise like DevFinOps (Development + Finance + Operations) that are complementary to DevOps. This approach works on financial aspects to monitor costs. Digital evolves fast, IT projects often exceed their budgets and cost management finally becomes more important than the project itself. Cloud and DevFinOps are supposed to bound to automate processes.

Another trend expected for 2019 isn’t surprising; it’s safety. DevSecOps will aim at secure applications’ lifecycle, move aside vulnerabilities and pass safety matters on IT and on business objectives. This approach implies everyone being responsible for safety, and take responsibility in case of problem.

DevOps is becoming a corporate business culture, and it’s going to accelerate according to experts. So if you had to remember one thing about this concept, it would be the acronym CALMS (Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing)! And you, where do you stand?