Think digital transformation, talk about data proliferation

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“Digital transformation” is companies’ survival reflex to keep up with the rhythm 4.0 requires. According to interviews lead by EBG and EY, 88% of interrogated companies consider digital transformation as a major stake; and they get it right. This change isn’t a trend but an economy disruption impacting the innovation and development rhythm. Among them, 24% consider this cultural and technologic adjustment as an operational production lever. However, digital transformation is more than a leverage, it’s the way to keep being competitive and face new digital native companies entering, who are agile and enter the market with certain technologic assets.

Companies can’t avoid digitalization for their development, to deal with the appearance of new digital data. Organizations will have to cope with governance and use of data issues.


When digital transformation is ringing, data boom is rising.

Acceleration of innovation and digitalization see information volume grows. Data sources diversify and their sizes change. Companies’ abilities to collect, analyze and exploit data turn out to be a challenge which success can be a major competitive asset.

The growth of information volume creates data silos between departments. For instance, IT manages analytics data. Accountings keeps economics data updated in the ERP. Sales and Marketing collect customer-related information thanks to automated tools like a CRM.

Likewise, intern data are stuck in application data silos proper to each department, and they aren’t devoted to be shared.

However, it’s essential today to get a centralized access to all data which are then used, and would give meaning to strategic decisions. To turn data into a leverage, the first advice is to connect applications used in the various departments, link data repositories and implement governance policies.

In the digital transformation era, a company must be able to manage its data in:

  • Adjusting to different storage systems (SaaS, On-Premise) to know how to exploit any data, intern or extern.
  • Keeping a global vision of safety and governance
  • Dealing with any data location or data type
  • Maximizing their reuse in various departments of the company.


Stakes of digital transformation for companies

When new competitors get closer, it becomes necessary plan actions to make your organization durable at digital transformation time. Because the objective is to integrate digital technologies in vital functions of the company, meaning digitalize research, production, development and sales, and potentially integrate digital in the product/service itself.

  • Boost innovation: develop new products or concepts, work on more efficient tools, create thinking circles or ideation circles (creative production processes of new ideas). For example, start communicate with clients and partners via an exchange platform of documents and online services is innovating. That’s why it’s important improving reactivity and agility of the company to face clients requests and have a quality after-sales-service.
  • Mobilize employees: each employee is involved in digital transformation: 2019 enhances more than ever collaboration and share between departments. Let employees gain more independence, raise awareness of digital, encourage ideas sharing or reduce low value tasks, are actions that will have a positive impact on your global efficiency.

The objective is make the difference in adjusting. More and more organizations of various businesses commit to a digital transformation plan which result in innovations integration such as Big Data, Internet of Things, cyber-security, collaborative platforms, customers experience etc. These new technologies create new forms of information and data we don’t know yet, that require development of new management systems.


One tool: a single platform of data management

Numerous software exist, allowing manage from one and only platform, a large amount of data. A unique database enables get a unified, structured global vision, that helps extract value from relevant information.

Thanks to its modules, Audros software ensures consistency and unicity of information between CAD, ERP, office tools and messaging service. Beyond the unique platform, Audros allows manage all documents lifecycle, from creation to archiving. Audros offers maximize information flows and companies’ processes. All that in order to encourage collaborative work.


For digital transformation, it’s necessary to be efficient at data managing. Data has to be defined as a shared resource, instantly locatable and useable by everyone. Let’s remember that during digital transformation, collective intelligence grows from team work. A repository organizing everybody’s data is the key to create value and develop your business.