Comparative solutions

Audros evolves with your needs

Standard Edition Pre-configured solutionFast to deployEnterprise Edition Tailor-made solutionCustomizable
Preconfigured data model
A "ready to use" data model integrating the PLM standards with business views, statuses and predefined forms
Several hundred integrated automations
Prewired workflow for tracking changes and requests for Validation
1 Audros access
1 Audros menu
Life cycle configuration, codification, attributes wizard
Audros data model administration tool
Document routes management Option
Data/ technical document management Extension GEDT® Extension GEDT®
CAD data management Extension CAD® Extension CAD®
Process automation Extension Process® Extension Process®
Project follow-up and management Extension Project® Extension Project®
Exchange with the ERP Extension ERP® Extension ERP®
Generation of electronic catalogs Option Option
computer processing of scanned documents Option Option
Intra/Extranet consultation portal Intra/Extranet Option Option
Démonstration Démonstration