• AWS (Audros Web Service): Access all documents from an Intranet or a customizable corporate portal
  • CAD connectors: Manages CAD data and files: AUTOCAD, CATIA V5, INVENTOR, ME 10, PTC, Creo, SOLID EDGE, SOLIDWORKS
  • DocRouting: Manages and transmits routing documents to workshops (instruction sheets, tools, assembly instructions, drawings, etc.)
  • DocStar:  Creates Word™ or Excel™ forms automatically and enhancement of these documents with the data stored in Audros
  • EasyCADi: Easily sends items, BOMs, neutral files and the properties of a CAD model into Audros
  • eCatalog: Automatically generates product catalogs for Internet
  • ERP Connect: Creates an automatic link between the data, documents and your ERP-CAPM
  • FlowBoard: Manages projects and generates reporting (input of time and actions, dashboard…)
  • FlowNet: Draws and automates processes (workflow) and ensures the traceability and  monitoring of exchanges between the collaborators
  • FlowScan: Automates the processing of scanned documents and structures storage in the database Audros (ADC or ADR extension in option)
  • FormaFlow: Creates HTML forms (masks) that can be associated to FlowNet (or other applications)
  • ModiFlex: Plans and propagates change rules in order to manage their impact on the BOMs
  • PDF ToolBox: Converts files on the fly and generates dynamic PDF forms (PDF assembly, signature, stamp…)
  • Replication:  Replicates files between remote sites and optimizes the opening time, while
    ensuring the uniqueness