DocRouting, management of manufacturing route

Management of manufacturing route

DocRouting, module of Audros PLM solution, enables manage, build, modify and print routes and all documents in Audros.
Definition and diffusion of operating routes for realization of a product are essential as far as a successful quality policy and a procedure of delays and traceability improvement are concerned.
DocRouting automates mass update of instruction files, tools, controls, … in easing information diffusion to all stakeholders. DocRouting relies on the full Web technology and Audros Java: a simple Internet navigator is enough to access the application from the intranet!

Main functions:

  • Creation/edition/duplication of routes’ headed
  • Creation/edition/duplication of one or several operations related to an existing route
  • Definition of routes and operations’ attributes
  • Creation of objects related to operations: tools, operating modes, instructions notices, work stations…
  • Link of files to objects: diagrams, 2D/3D plans, …
  • Sorting and fast researches in choice lists
  • Management of modifications indications (major or minor)
  • Possibility to export data in Word™, Excel™, OpenOffice, HTML and PDF or directly in an ERP
  • Consultation and fast printing
  • Use of existing data from a database or formatted TXT files
  • Multi-languages support

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