DocStar, automated document creation

Automated document creation

DocStar is an Audros PLM module that allows you define templates as Microsoft Office™ (Word and Excel), MS FrontPage, OpenOffice™ (Calc and Writer) to automate their filling-in by using data stored in the Audros database.

Once the template is created from DocStar Manager, each user is able to enhance automatically the document from his application. It allows, for example, automate the creation of fixture records, routing of machines, control lines, quality forms, etc.

The created document remains adaptable by the user. It’s then stored in the database and can follow its own lifecycle. In the case of a document is completed and should no longer be changed, it can be “frozen” and transformed into PDF with the Audros PDF server.

DocStar interfaces are all bi-directional: they allow for instance offline work thanks to import/export of data in Word, Excel or Open Office reports.

Supported formats:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • OpenOffice Calc and Writer
  • HTML avec FrontPage


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