Simplified solution of CAD data export

For User who do not want to manage native CAD files (CAD connectors module), EasyCADi is a simple and quick solution for the recovery of items, BOM, neutral files and the properties of a CAD model to Audros.

EasyCADi’s main features are:

  • The sending of items with their properties (Item Code, description, material, volume, etc … or
    any other information available in the CAD file) to Audros
  • Recovery of 2D thumbnails for the preview of items in Audros
  • Recovery of CAD BOM with father/child links
  • The automatic creation of a new version if the item is already created and valid in Audros
  • The generation of neutral files: PDF, DXF Drawings, eDrawings, Step, Iges, PDF3D or any other format that CAD knows how to produce
  • The definition of global parameters from the SE Manager: Creating neutral formats, reference identification rules and standard pieces…
  • The modification and export of the BOM in an ERP (ERP Connect option for Audros)

3D CAD supported by EasyCADi : 

  • Inventor
  • Solid Edge
  • TopSolid
  • CATIA V5
  • PTC Creo (in progress)

Download the brochure