ETDM X3 Edition

Simple technical EDM and scalable integration with Sage ERP X3

Perfectly integrated document management solution ETDM X3 Edition manages and secures all types of documents from Sage ERP X3. A simple button provides access to manufacturing folders: drawings, document ranges, invoices, specifications, reports…

The solution is scalable to the PLM Audros X3 Edition and its optional modules.


Store and classify documents from the ERP:

Automatic coding of the reference, automatic classification in predefined folders, and recovery of the ERP attributes, attachment of any file type(s)

Find updated information:

Preview of the document in the ERP file, filter by type/status and by reference/description in a tree, list and carousel feature for the preview of multiple files

Share documents securely:

Management of links between documents (no duplicates), rights management by role or by project on documents and attributes (business view by profile)

Facilitate traceability:

Management of indices (versions, revisions), modification history by author and by operation

Automate the life cycle:

Change of status according to the type of document, start a validation or decision-making process


  • Save time via immediate document access
  • Reduction of costs related to validity errors
  • General improvement in the level of quality
  • Reduction of maintenance and administration costs
  • Reduction of carbon footprint (move towards zero paper!)



  • Web browser with Flash player 10


  • Windows 2003/2008 Server or Linux Mandriva/Redhat/Debian
  • Supported databases: Oracle or SQL-Server

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