ERP Connect, automated link between CAD and ERP!

An automatic link between CAD and the ERP!

The ERP Connect module allows you to create an automatic link between your data and design documents and your ERP. So you save valuable time and costly errors, ensuring consistency and unity between your design and manufacturing data.

With ERP Connect, you ensure correspondence between articles and BOMs with all relevant documents : specifications, 3D models, plans, calculation notices, manufacturing files, installation instructions, …

Thanks to Audros CAD connectors, ERP Connect transfers articles and BOMs data from CAD drawings in you ERP!

Main functions:

  • Automated or simple « Drag & Drop » construction of articles and BOMs representations with historic back up
  • BOMs management derived Design, Industrialization, Maintenance (As Built, As Product, As Maintain) with control and consistency.
  • Display of individual and comparative business views between all types of multi levels structures (differences, similarities, quantities, versions…)
  • Management of Master and Slave notions, about data (ERP or PLM)
  • API based on AUPL language (Audros Programming Language) to ease realization of automatisms between Audros and the ERP
  • Subscriptions function to warn in real time by email stakeholders of a project on all types of modifications, PLM and ERP (Design Office, purchase, marketing etc.)
  • Management of articles that don’t have graphic representation or CAD files attached like grease, paint, glue, etc.
  • EDM function integrated ERP Consult (2 simultaneous accesses) to acess from the ERP to the updated documentation of the project: industrial file (plans, items and 3D assemblies, technical instructions…), sales file, quality documents, etc).


Interfaces already provided:

  • Cegid Produflex
  • Dynamics NAV/AX
  • IFS
  • Jeeves
  • Mapics
  • MFGPro
  • Movex
  • Oracle Application
  • ProConcept ERP
  • SAGE 100*
  • SAGE X3*
  • SAP
  • Silverprod CS


* Audros is partner ISV Sage MGE and partner Alliance Sage SMB

NB: Audros makes available a data packet but the various technics and services on the ERP by Audros have to be provided by the client or the company who operates on the ERP system. The Client may be also complied with a connection right from the ERP editor. Audros can’t commit instead the ERP editor because it depends on the use contract between the ERP editor and the Client. As far as this partnership is concerned, this payment is offered for Sage connectors X3 and i7 (not included the optional fees for a connector asked by the Sage editor to its client).


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