FlowBoard, management and follow-up of projects

Management and follow-up of projects

FlowBoard is a complementary module of Audros PLM software that allows you define and follow a project using a GANTT chart. It allows the managers to ensure the smooth running of projects both in terms of time limits and objectives to be achieved.

FlowBoard allows define graphically a project in the form of a GANTT. The project’s structure (tasks, milestones, dependencies) is automatically related to the project’s documentary structure in Audros base. FlowBoard can easily associate deliverables to project’s documents and for example, the passing of a milestone of a project is conditional to the completion and validation of a document!

FlowBoard allows also create reports and compile information from Excel forms (synchronization Excel-Audros):

  • Input of actions by Project
  • Input of time by Project
  • Report of time and costs by Project
  • Report of a business case
  • Projects dashboard

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