FlowNet, module of document validation and follow-up of products lifecycle

Automate your business processes with FlowNet!

A documents validation circuit or specific business procedures may require the implementation of a workflow within the company. FlowNet enables you to ensure that each stakeholder is automatically informed by email at each stage of the process and that they are associated with the information managed in Audros.

The FlowNet module of the Audros PLM solution decreases significantly research time and documents validation, it eases exchanges between stakeholders located in different offices or places.

A workflow model is defined by the administrator from a graphic tool allowing draw stages (entries, intermediaries, exits), the circuit flow (parallel stages, in series, loops), actions designations. Each model is then related to an object class in Audros: for example, a process would be launch only on CAD documents!

FlowNet relies entirely on the company’s messaging service and on stakeholders email, to realize a validation or procedure circuit. The use of links in the email body enables access directly information regarding the process (data, attached documents, progress…). The participant stays in this usual work environment. The follow-up of passed stages is reachable by authorized persons from the “progress” tab. An Excel report is automatically updated at each decision and then linked to the process.

Finally, thanks to the use of standard functions by AUPL (Audros Programming Language), the application allows trigger actions customized at each step of the process: status change, PDF conversion, electronic signature.

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