FlowScan, module of scanned documents processing

Processing station of scanned documents

Audros plays a role of data and documents collector for all the company. With the raise of dematerialization and the growing use of scans, it becomes essential to ease processing of scanned documents. FlowScan module provides an automated processing station of scanned documents in Audros.

FlowScan offers the following functions:

  • Automated analyzer of the repository of scanned files TIF or JPEG
  • Automated creation of thumbnails
  • Image processing tools: change order, merge or separate pages, rotate, preview
  • Classification and attributes input by document type
  • Optional automated recognition of barcodes (type 128)*
  • Optional extension RAD and LAD
  • Support of automated codification
  • Support of Audros automatisms

* The barcode must be placed with an angle of 10° max by the scanned document.  

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