FormaFlow, creation of HTML dynamic forms

Creation of HTML dynamic forms

FormaFlow meets needs of Audros users for the creation of Web forms to enter or display data. With FlowNet module allowing draw and execute processes, FormaFlow enables associate an HTML input mask to a Workflow.

Some processes like change request or launch request may require define one or several documents all along their proceeding. Stage by stage, each stakeholder has to complete his dedicated fields on the document. This is a documentary Workflow, an electronic version of the paper process that circulates through the messaging service or the intranet of the company!
Perfectly integrated to FlowNet, the FormaFlow module allows:

  • Association of the FlowNet process drawing to an HTML input mask (form)
  • Division of the form in zones allowing access control (visible/invisible/ read only) according the step and the stakeholders
  • Use of DocStar for MS FrontPage™ to build easily an HTML form in dropping off Audros fields by a simple click with your mouse
  • Insertion of AUPL in forms to offer abilities of advanced customization!
  • Possibility to customize forms with a design inspired from graphic codes of your company

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