PDF ToolBox, the PDF toolbox for Audros!

The PDF toolbox for Audros!

PDF ToolBox is a module of Audros PLM solution similar to a tool package, allowing companies automate their document chain based on the PDF file format.
PDF ToolBox provides PDF conversion features for Office documents and CAD, and allows associate and modify PDF documents on the fly.

PDF ToolBox is also an advanced construction tool and automates templates updates. Associated with FlowNet and AUPL language, PDF ToolBox is a powerful diffusion and validation system of information for all companies departments.

Applications around PDF ToolBox allow industrials to:

  • Reduce processing time of workflow (ex: electronic signatures)
  • Ease instant update of documentation
  • Simplify construction of products catalogs of several thousands pages
  • Create a cost estimate in a few minutes
  • Create a batch of CAD plans in a multi-folio PDF
  • Create an interactive catalog for after-sales-service

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