EDM Clipper connector

EDM Clipper connector for software of technical documents management

Supplier of software for industrial companies, Audros Technology provides the installation of GED Clipper connector. This IT tool aims at maximizing the use of an electronic documents management software. Indeed, an industry develops very large amounts of information and documents regarding design and production of industrial products. An accurate organization and valorization of all these technical data are essential for the good operation of industrial processes.

EDM Clipper connectors ease paper digitalization, their storage in an EDM content folder, their archiving and finally, mass data integration in an ERP: this is the IT system of production management in industries. This is also about, encouraging automated ranking of files, automation of the indexation notice’s input etc.

Like this, you can easily find all your archived data, precisely, and those documents are easily reachable by everyone. This, at all times. Your get a perfect traceability of all actions done within your factory or production unit. You can take measures quickly at any level: design’s phase, on production line, at maintenance, storage etc.

EDM Clipper connector or CAD Clipper to link and interface all industrial data

EDM clipper connectors can interface the EDM software and link it to your various IT applications. Audros provides packaged solutions including numerous functions that need to be connected with each other’s. This, to set up processes of industrial production perfectly maximized, efficient, profitable and competitive.

The idea consists in linking, with EDM Clipper connectors, all IT solutions in order to have only one interface. CAD clipper connectors as well are able to link, synchronize all data regarding design phase and research documents.

Your EDM software for industrial project management computer-aided, can be connected also to PLM solutions. This is a management software of industrial product’s lifecycle: to follow-up the product from the design to production, sale and distribution. In this way, any mistake is quickly solvable and the origin can be easily identified.

You can also connect your IT system to customer relationship management software or a workflow software, for electronic management of job processes: exchanges of information between stakeholders of a project (engineers, technicians and operators), description of tasks to carry out, observation of deadlines and validation modes.

All those IT tools ensure a better efficiency and rapidity of action in an industrial organization. Thanks to information connected each other online, within a global interface shared by everyone, you can fix problems, breakdowns or manufacturing defects at its origin or during the production process. You can plan actions, change methods according to clients requests, delivery deadlines etc. You can innovate, be more adaptable. In short, develop your business and provide quality products.