EDM, key element of collaborative work

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The way we work on a daily basis is going through a metamorphosis. Businesses are evolving, technology is developing and working in collaboration has become indispensable today! Faced by a problem to be solved, a single person is less efficient and productive than a group in thinking about several possible paths and solutions. The implementation of a collaboration tool such as an EDM also offers many advantages. Today, EDM forms the backbone of a company’s working environment for all employees.


What’s collaborative work?

Collaborative work is the collective work accomplished by several people who pool their knowledge and skills, organize themselves and combine their actions and ideas to achieve a result for which they are all responsible. The responsibility is global and collective… The talents and skills of each member are at the service of the project!

Collaborative work has three key points:

  • Multidisciplinary teams: Integrate people from other teams or departments to vary ideas.
  • A repetitive method: It is not a matter of solving a problem in a straight line, going through points from A to Z. It should be possible to repeat the different steps as many times as necessary until satisfactory results are achieved.
  • Working in flexible spaces: The working environment is very important and influences the collective work. The environment must be conducive to collaborative work.


The importance of collaboration

The advantages of collaborative work are surprising! It increases productivity and efficiency and encourages teamwork and communication. No more competition that is rooted in the context of individual work, group work produces excellent results.

In 2018, a survey of 500 French employees on collaborative work at the heart of the company shows two points:

  • 33% of French employees have observed a change in their company and 58% consider collaboration to be improving.
  • 83% of employees express the desire and need to collaborate: 64% of them prefer to work in a team, 45% to encourage exchanges between employees and 28% to increase mobility.
  • 51% think that collaboration is above all a state of mind and values before being a technological tool.


How to collaborate in a company?

Digital technology at the service of collaborative work

Digital is at the heart of this working method and digital plays a key role in the emergence of collaborative work. Corporate social networks (CSR) are very successful (Talkspirit, Slack, SeeMy), they allow employees to communicate as quickly as in a chat room. Sharing ideas and best practices is done in a more informal way.

Online file-sharing platforms, such as NumSend, allow collaborators to pick up a project where the previous one left off. As a result, multinational companies can organize work 24 hours a day. Employees work at different times of the day, depending on time zones, and can see each other via videoconferencing.

EDM software are also tools that facilitate collaboration. Many of them allow you to edit a document, to share it, to make it evolve. However, the effectiveness of an EDM depends on the company’s document governance.


Digital and human, an intertwined collaboration

The arrival of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or process automation has boosted the productivity of companies. Making the right information available only to the people who need it helps to optimise everyone’s work.

Working on more ergonomic interfaces also allows for greater fluidity in exchanges.

However, the strong growth of collaborative tools such as GED and the “offices of tomorrow” should not make us forget that collaborative work comes, above all, from human behaviour. It is essential that employees benefit from it. When a company implements a collaborative tool, it must not lose sight of the objective of this innovation.


The impact of collaborative work is globally positive, especially on knowledge sharing, employee productivity, motivation, problem solving and creativity. It is now a must within companies! The new generation of collaborative platforms is an excellent way to take advantage of the benefits of the collaborative mode and to considerably boost the performance of the company!


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