Industry EDM

Electronic Document Management (EDM) for Industry

EDM for Industry (Electronic Document Management), as for other businesses, is an efficient method to maximize a company’s productivity. EDM consists in dematerialize data and paper documents to ease information exchanges.

EDM for Industry enables companies to be more competitive on several levels:

  • Time-saving of documents research
  • Manufacturing time-saving thanks to faster validation of products
  • Environmental efficiency with decrease of impressions volume
  • Improvement of safety and traceability

EDM for Industry is a method used for various businesses, like manufacturers of products on catalog, manufacturer of specific made to order products or manufacturers of configure to order products.


Your EDM solution for Industry with Audros Technology

Find out the EDM method for Industry with Audros Technology within TEDM/PLM product.
For about 20 years, Audros has been offering its expertise to industrial companies and has been suggesting them software solutions for information management.

We offer to you an ergonomic software package providing a quality Industrial EDM. Audros Standard Edition TEDM eases management of your documents and their diffusion for employees with advanced safety. This platform takes in charge Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Windows Explorer documents.

To help you along your procedure and complete successfully your project, our team of experts is at your disposal to advice you and present a solution suitable to your situation.

If you wish know more about EDM for Industry, don’t hesitate to contact us.