EDM software Sage ERP X3

Match your EDM and ERP data

Find out an EDM associated to your ERP with Audros. EDM (Electronic Documents Management) enables documents centralization and sorting in a company. ERP aims at managing resources and company’s functions: purchase, sales, staff, stocks etc.

Audros Technology develops software tools for documents and technical products’ lifecycle management (PLM software). To offer a complete solution to companies, several kinds of modules are available in order to improve data and information management for all employees.

The Audros EDM solution (with optional Audros Technical EDM) gives access to all data and documents on one platform easy to use. Teams of various departments can work and exchange information easily, avoiding duplication. Audros software adjusts to your needs and your other tools for a global and efficient solution.


Connected software with your ERP.

Audros presents a solution to collect and link EDM and ERP. Audros ERP is an extension ready to use, that’s integrated perfectly in your ERP software of any kind: Sage, Clip Industrie, Solvaxis…

All data of your CAD tools (AutoCAD, Catia, Inventor, Solidworks…) are automatically integrated in your ERP. In this way, you avoid risks of duplication or time waste because of information reinput.

To sum up, Audros ERP helps you encourage and maximize relationships and exchanges between your teams, particularly between technical departments and sales departments. Our technology allows simplify your tasks about product’s lifecycle, from the design phase to time to market and even to maintenance.

To get more information about our EDM and ERP solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.