Flowboard, essential tool to manage your projects

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Manage a project can quickly become complicated , especially if you have to manage several projects at once , several people involved and above all you need to monitor the execution of various works.

Work organization is a key factor of productivity and efficiency. It’s important to implement all of the functional analysis tools , planning, budget management , risk control , as well as indicators that allow you to progress

– Your projects  exceeding your budget or do not meet the requirements of your customers ?

– You need assistance to pilot projects milestones and tasks?

– Looking to manage various deliverables implemented in the project?

– You need a resource planning?

The Audros solution can meet your needs with Flowboard.

Flowboard provides a coherent set of features for your project management. It will allow you to set and to follow a project through the use of the Gantt chart. The project management, in the design phase, is closely related for document management and for product lifecycle management. The transition from a milestones or a phase is conditioned on the achievement and the validation of a document, Flowboard gives managers the necessary assurance of their projects whether in terms of timing or targets.

The main features of Flowboard module :

  • Cut projects in several steps, to space out and to assign tasks to each speaker (GANTT, deliverables, …)
  • The project participants can work offline and synchronize later with the project data in Audros .
  • Generate Excel reports from customizable templates (monitoring tools and reporting for management)

The success of a project was forced to respect a period and different steps. Flowboard tools therefore optimize all the processes necessary to the success of the project, through a task scheduling , indicating the dependency relationships between each activity.

Module FlowboardIn summary, FlowBoard :

  • A simple 1OO% web graphic interface
  • An overview of your projects
  • A collaboration became easier : all your tasks, your documents are grouped…
  • “Un process qui vous va comme un GANTT” : each team is able to adapt its process to the way of working, by bringing it under a GANTT and under your resources management planning.
  • Faster communication thanks to notifications to all stakeholders ..
  • Multiple indicators to track your progress ..


Do not wait and contact us to discover Flowboard by a demonstration.


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