Human and machine, together to succeed digital transformation

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The arising of new technologies, artificial intelligence or connected objects have been a global mutation for companies. Digital revolution inspired the idea of an enterprise of the future more pleasant to live. However, it also inspires anxiety for employees who think automation of machines and tools means the end of their jobs as humans. Employees have always been the vital capital of the company, but they’re also put aside when finance is involved. We obviously can’t take this path, since we know that a not considered person wouldn’t contribute to the activity’s profits. More than ever we have to help people during digital transformation. In order to make it last, we need to change this vision of humans. Because digital innovations still often make superficial changes.

From employee to augmented human

“When factory work was the biggest failure of industrialization and Men is a gearwheel of automation, digital revolution allowed Men and machines bring back together. […] The machine is intelligent and becomes a partner, Men aren’t subjects anymore, repetitive tasks are removed, and human work is being upgraded.” Says Bruno Grandjean, president of Alliance industry of the future.

Digital transformation aims at implement technology and help individuals improve their skills. They won’t be replaced with new technologies, but they’ll have a new role more motivating. Virtual intelligence is changing, sometimes completely, workstations. Employees are transforming into “augmented humans”! we’ll evolve in more productive work environments. A meeting every Tuesday? A tool will pick all documents and indicators you’ll need that day, at that time.

Like all changes, support is essential. Employees can’t feel excluded this technological mutation in which they have a key role.

How not depreciate coworkers when new tool arrive?

Raise awareness and train

It isn’t clever to wait rumors have it about new projects, to act. Raise awareness and communicate about digital transformation allows employees anticipate and get familiar with the digital environment. Be convinced and agree with the change would be nothing but positive for them. Once teams are aware of stakes to come and the meaning of digital transformation, it’s important give the keys to individuals to commit to this new digital challenge. It’s important make each employee feels he has a role to act. Then, offer specific training is a good way to understand the new organization, work methods, tools use. Not to forget, the concrete application of these new processes.
To remember: present concrete situations, benefits to come and real opportunities for the employee.

Collaboration and participation

As the teams acquired the necessary knowledge of the new organization and are comfortable in their role, they’re able bring their added value to the use of new technologies. Their participation is essential, since collaboration between the human and the machine is major. To set this collaborative relationship, tools as instant messaging or documents sharing platform like Drive enable create a shared workspace and communicate in real time. Make inter-services teams also allows everyone work on motivating topics that will help them blossom professionally. The vertical hierarchy is over, it’s now a level cross communication.

“the manager is changing. More coach than boss, he encourages his teams bring up ideas to improve their activity and provide them support to do it.” Precises Véronique Lacour, group executive director Transformation and Executive Efficiency at EDF.

Step by step, every person involved in a project will carry out his tasks with clear and simple procedures. In this case, a project management software may be useful for change support. It can have additional training needs if technics are not fully understood.
The agile method is recommended for these situations in which adjustment and patience are required. Everyone must be able participate how he wants. All employees are involved in digital transformation. It isn’t a unique and one-time change, but methods and tools that involve everybody in a common goal of co-development.


This management stakes seem far from the digital’s ones, but they’re closely linked. Employees and more generally Humans need to change their functioning to evolve in the enterprise of the future.
Let’s leave technology as a support function and focus on humans who have the ability to raise the company. That’s how digital transformation can be a real success for organizations’ durability and not only a one-time project.


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