Industrial data management

Audros PLM software for industrial data management

Audros software of industrial data management handles all documents and operations related to lifecycle (Product Lifecycle management – PLM) of your products and publication of electronic catalogs. Industrial data management improves traceability of your products’ development processes.

Why a solution of industrial data management?

  • A unified management of documents, files and applications, automation of industrial methods and automated creation of documentation allow improve companies’ productivity.
  • Implementation of documents diffusion processes and quality control of document (validation, status, etc.) by the TDMS.

Audros modules replace or change automatically technical data that appear in various places in your web or paper catalog and standardize the text that have to be re input in various categories of the catalog: time saving, simplification of the information “journey”.

Audros is specialized in the edition of TDMS software. We offer solutions of industrial data management for the entire company. We audit in intern your conception and diffusion processes of product technical information and we model your industrial processes (workflow).


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Audros is a system of technical data management (TDM), industrial data management and product lifecycle management (PLM – Product Lifecycle Management). Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about our solutions of industrial data management.