Maximise administrative tasks: an emergency!

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An employee’s day is often intersperse by tasks out of their core business. It’s also very infrequent to overcome all daily tasks scheduled. It can be explained by the fact that an employee execute administrative or non-productive tasks: bill of expenses management, reports writing, long and repetitive administrative processes, schedules management… the list is long.

Administrative tasks are compulsory in every company. Would it be possible to identify them and get the necessary reflexes to reduce their execution length? How maximize these mandatory but essential tasks? What tools could be used to organize administrative processes?

A disproportionate observation

Did you know that in a SMB, around 142 working days per year, or 6 hours per week are dedicated to administrative management?

According to a survey published by Sage and Plum firm, administrative assignments called ‘unproductive’ filling most of French SMB’s time are accounting related activities. It represents almost one third of tasks. In total for France, we dedicate one third of our working time to secondary missions and almost 40% of our time to get information.

These administrative or repetitive tasks can be compare with extremely time-consuming activities. Therefore, they can be very expensive. Indeed, it represents a loss of almost 7 million of euros for French companies in 2018.

The study made by Sage shows that, if companies would dedicate 7,7% of their time in addition of productive work, it would raise the French GDP of 43,9 billion of euros. It shows that reducing executive time for administrative activities is directly related to productivity benefit.

How to identify these unproductive activities? How a digitalization process could help transforming this time loss and gain a better performance?

More tools for more productivity

Of course, administrative tasks are more or less important depending on the company’s department. For example, the design office and the administration department don’t work on the same assignments. Therefore, it’s necessary to identify the level of commitment in these administrative processes to focus on added value tasks, meaning close to one’s job.

In our digitalization age, only 50% of SMB currently use digital tools to do administrative tasks. However, 80% of office employees are feeling ready to trust automation and technology in general to manage low benefit and time consuming tasks.

Technologies, dematerialization, documentary management or WorkFlow now can have an essential role in the long term to help companies reduce the administrative part. To grow, SMB need to make good use of technology to keep rhythm of innovation, and then clear a major competitive profit.

Dematerialize is avoiding accumulation and storage of load of documents. Thanks to dematerialization, employees aren’t overwhelmed anymore by tons of paper documents and paper administrative processes.

Also, companies would save considerable time since dematerialization improves employees productivity thanks to time saving spent at document management and repetitive administrative tasks (daily documents research, files tidying…)

Complementarity of an EDM Workflow software

EDM significantly improves quality and reliability of all company’s information. Once documents are dematerialized, EDM makes possible to manage, tidy and rank them. In this way, documentary Workflow makes circulate one or several documents to involved users.  And it establishes a collaborative work method. Thanks to a Workflow functionality linked to an EDM, the company becomes more efficient and focus on its core business.

To go further…

For many companies, invoices or orders management is tedious: reliability of information, conformity to rules and interoperability between services…

Thanks to Audros’ new solutions, it’s now possible to digitalize and automatically manage invoices in connecting your other solutions (EDM, accountings, CRM…) to your EDM solution and thus improve the flow of administrative processes.

At Audros, finding efficient solutions to help companies save time in their management matter to us. We provide customized solutions leading performance to excellence.

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