How to maximize project monitoring with FlowBoard

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Each company’s project is a challenge. Standing by commitments and handling costs are some essential actions. That’s why all involved employees have to work assiduously as a team. We’re aware of the fact that assigning a task to someone doesn’t guarantee a good result. You need to monitor every stage to be sure the project moves forward in the best conditions. The Project Manager has to be certain that all employees head in the same direction, reach the goals and respect budgets, deadlines and resources. A project management software is a needful tool, even more when current trends of performance’s improvement are automation, information centralization and agility.

Digital transformation deeply mutates companies. It became more and more difficult to handle in the best conditions interdisciplinary growing projects. Don’t we have to take a step back before encouraging our teams to launch projects while we already try to answer our client’s needs regarding new technologies?


Embrace agility to ease project monitoring

Over the past few years, we hear about agility as a management method, developed in several companies’ departments. It’s actually the IT who gave birth to this term “agility”, applied to project management. During the years 90, American software developers though for their pears of a way to reduce the gap between users and delivered applications. Indeed, they understood that phases of test, analysis, conception… were completely independently managed. Consequently, employees assigned to these phases could hardly communicate and foresee any modification. So developers imagined split a project in different steps and repetitions of few weeks.

Some years later, in 2001, 17 IT experts signed the “Manifesto for agile software development”. This text claims prioritize customer satisfaction, deliver regularly operating software and choose change adaptation instead of plan monitoring. This manifesto preconizes confidence in autonomous and organized teams, oral instead of written talks, and daily collaborative work.

Today, any project can go on without counting on everyone’s resources, plan actions and measure results. These are unmissable steps of a project. A project management software have functions allowing cross this stages easily.


FlowBoard: what if you’d work differently on your projects?

FlowBoard is an Audros’ module of project management, offering functions of:

  • Planning with GANTT
  • Landmarks management
  • Monitoring project’s progress
  • Tasks management
  • Resources management
  • Time monitoring
  • Collaboration and information share
  • Cube and Reporting

FlowBoard enables improve your productivity, manage the entire lifecycle of your projects from one and only location. You get a global visibility: planning management, be aware of your teams’ workload, monitor action plans, reach your projects’ information …

Maximize project monitoring using FlowBoard enable save time thanks to information centralization, handle better priorities and mostly stand by deadlines in allocating resources properly. With FlowBoard, Audros offers a 100% web interface, intuitive and graphic, easing project monitoring.

More than ever, the market highlights collaboration and automation. As an agile tool, FlowBoard will ease your management and save your precious time.

Project management and digital transformation

We are a lot of companies having to keep up with digital transformation. In 2019, digitalization is still a complex path to deal with, so we need to focus on our benefits to stay competitive.

In order for companies to reach their strategic goals, it’s essential for them to get keys of a successful digital transformation. One main stage is to implement an efficient and accurate project management.

This trend has been noticed. An agile and efficient project management would be a real benefit that would help companies succeed their digital transformation. To make sure this benefit becomes a competitive asset, collaboration of all employees is necessary, during and after projects.

Use FlowBoard to manage project and drive digital transformation successfully. Why don’t you try?