Moovapps Customer Service Portal

Publié par Alyssia Tanrattana il y a 4 months | News

Are you looking to improve the quality of your services? Do you want to have a single tool to manage your customers’ and partners’ requests?


On this day of December 12, 2019, we believe we have found the solution to help you: Moovapps Customer Service Portal.

Moovapps Customer Service Portal is a dedicated and secure extranet through which you can respond to any customer and/or partner request. You will be able to accurately track the tickets opened by customers/partners.

This extranet will also allow you to make available the various documents you want: technical guides, marketing documents,…

Finally, thanks to various indicators, you will be able to monitor the satisfaction of your customers and the performance of your teams.


The after-sales service of tomorrow is the after-sales service that uses the appropriate tools to be as close as possible to its customers… go to Moovapps Customer Service Portal