Why and how to optimize your workflows?

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Nowadays, agility has become a key word in the organization of companies. They must be more flexible to quickly modify their processes in order to remain competitive. Indeed, the agility in project management has made it possible to provide more flexibility in processes and to adapt the organization of the project by making it evolve according to needs. You will have understood it: agility consists in establishing a relationship of trust within teams while maintaining a permanent challenge of developments and processes.

Strong customer demand, fierce and increased competition, the exponential evolution of new technologies, … So many factors are leading companies today to transform their business processes and thus achieve an optimal level of productivity and excellence.


Workflows in the organization of companies: what impact?

Many companies limit the application of agile methods to heavy processes and workflows. As a result, the organization of these companies is compartmentalized into obsolete systems and processes.

Streamlining these workflows allows companies to easily create and deploy customized applications to meet their specific needs. Automating these business processes ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time. It also ensures the traceability of any intervention with the intention of reducing delays and respecting the company’s procedures. In this way, workflows fluidify the collaborative process by dynamizing and automating work processes.


Workflow automation, yes! How?

Like any solution, the implementation of a workflow must be considered and is done in several steps.

First, the identification of the departments involved in the workflow installation is the first phase and will determine the scope of the project. Business process modeling helps to understand document validation circuits and procedures already in place. Thus, workflows naturally integrate into the organization and work environment.

In addition, this optimization of workflows has a direct impact on the company’s organization. This is why it is important that each user is involved in the implementation of the project.

Finally, workflow process management interfaces very easily with existing tools in the company’s Information System (CRM, ERP, etc.).


What about Audros?

Optimizing workflows is a fundamental step in maintaining a competitive advantage. By refining your processes with Audros workflows:

  • Reduce administrative and low value-added tasks,
  • Save time and efficiency with validation circuits
  • Significantly reduce process non-compliance and non-compliance with processes through careful history and tracking of changes.


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