GANTT, Excel: complete follow up of your project

Find out Audros and our PLM software solutions for project management and creation of GANTT diagrams. In order to assist you in the management of your team and various tasks, we designed a specific module for a more efficient management and a serious follow up of your projects.

FlowBoard module relies on the well-known GANTT diagram to centralize information, essential for project management, objectives reach and commitments.
You easily create your graphic representation of various tasks, links (dependencies) and project’s steps.

FlowBoard, integrated in our PLM solution, takes into account all documents associated to the project in Audros. Also, it helps your project management and your GANTT graphic to be more efficient taking into account deliverables and validation needs.

For monitoring, the module foresees also creation of reports from Excel forms. With GANTT diagrams and our PLM solutions, you enjoy all tools for perfect project management.



Our PLM offer for a better project and document management

EDM and PLM specialist, Audros offers a complete software solution to handle your projects and all of your technical documents. If management and project monitoring is eased with GANTT diagrams and Excel reports, our software solution suggests various tools for complete management of your electronic documents.

From BOMs management to processes automation and collaborative work, our software answers numerous needs of your company. Moreover, it’s flexible enough to adapt your IT system: CAD tools, ERP, CRM etc.

For better efficiency of our project management solutions, PLM or GANTT creation, Audros adopted a meticulous approach for you to enjoy appropriated tools for industrial companies.

Don’t hesitate to tell us your needs of project management via GANTT and needs of EDM and PLM solutions. Contact us, we’ll answer your expectations and present our solutions in detail.