PLM in the industry: how to carry out your project successfully ?

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Each publisher of EDM or PLM solutions in the industry differs on the value proposition provided, the need for a PLM or EDM solution often comes from the customer with the same basic expectations:

  • Centralize the information, have the latest version of a document or data at any time
  • Track and manage changes of industrial documents and data
  • Secure information through access rights
  • Validation cycle
  • Project management
  • Have a single repository


PLM projects in industry: what if we go further?

A PLM solution often has to address operational issues in order to increase efficiency, quality and speed in production.

PLM software in the industry helps to structure technical information and has a long-term impact. Therefore, it is important to implement these tools with a global and strategic vision. They will respond to the challenges facing societies (internationalization, increased data, transformation…).

However, couldn’t PLM solutions in the industry meet a broader societal need than just the few issues that the company has identified? Of course, it is, provided that PLM is seen as a transversal and central tool for the different services.


The return on investment of PLM and EDM projects

Although PLM must be integrated into a long-term vision for industrial companies, it is important to note that for any solution a return on investment must be observed. The gains can easily be seen by business teams on their operational actions :

  • A gain in time : information research and dissemination, process optimization, document and data validation life cycle, …
  • A gain on knowledge: capitalization of technical know-how, history of the different versions of CAD drawings, guides, …
  • A reduction in “non-quality” costs: fewer errors, compliance with existing models and standards, well-defined internal processes


The return on investment of these solutions is also based on the initial amount invested. PLM solutions in the industry have evolved. Most of them offer PLM for purchase or by subscription.


Before starting your project, have you thought of everything?

Acquiring a PLM is good, but successfully deploying PLM software in the industry is even better. That is why it will be important to :

  • Formalize your need and this in agreement with all the company’s departments. Each department has its own requirements on the expectations of a PLM solution. Even if in the short term, the EDM or PLM software must respond to a particular service, it may then respond to other services.
  • Prioritize your expectations of a PLM solution: it is sometimes preferable to plan the deployment of a PLM in a batch. This will allow you to develop your needs and optimize your expectations. It will also be necessary to define who has what responsibility in the project so that everyone can estimate the workload.
  • Your data and documents are what make up the wealth of your company. So the preparation work for the recovery of your data, the future operation will be a crucial step for your EDM/PLM solution.


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