PLM and PDM, we tell you everything

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You hear about PLM, PDM, but you don’t really understand their scope of action? This article is made for you. Product Lifecycle Management and Product Data Management, these two names may sound the same but they’re far from process your data and products the same way. Action scopes, functions, benefits… Audros Technology answers you.

PDM – Manage data from product design

A PDM solution or Product Data Management collects and manages your products’ information and link it to users involved in the product development and lifecycle. A PDM tool allows handle your data from CAD, a Word document, Excel or PDF. PDM is your support for automated processes management that supports in a workflow, or in standardized project phases.

Your PDM software shares and diffuses data, files, BOM on a reachable interface by all users, designers and employees involved. Bidirectional interfaces allow for example manage traceability indicators, statuses, historic, exchanges follow up with subcontractors. Automation of the documentary channel makes you save time thanks to the decrease of treatment delays and information sharing, securing of your data.

Choose PDM enables stakeholders take part in products’ lifecycle. However, why don’t go further and connect your CAD to a PLM solution.

PLM – manage your products development all along their lifecycle

Compared to PDM, PLM manages globally changes and evolutions of products. This solution helps develop products, from design to pull off the market. Simpler, it frames design handled by PDM.
Thanks to PLM, you maximize your creation, manufacturing and maintenance of industrial products processes. Indeed, the Product Lifecycle Management allows connect all services and functions involved during the product lifecycle.

The Audros PLM solution makes sure information is consistent between CAD, ERP, office tools and messaging service. Like so, all data and documents related to products’ lifecycle is managed and safe. The software allows manage processes with a collaborative work platform.

Audros PLM is the combination of five functions developed by Audros for data, documents and operations management: Audros Technical EDM, Audros CAD, Audros Process, Audros Project et Audros ERP.

Possible functions with the Audros PLM software:

  • Whole management of the Product Structure (data and documents, articles and derived BOM)
  • Lifecycle management (statuses, versions, revisions)
  • Business view of information by profile
  • Following of documentary exchanges
  • Customizable data model (ModelShape tool)
  • Aupl Macro-language

Some benefits to use a software that manages products data

  • Make your documentary search more efficient
  • Save your designing and manufacturing time
  • Make your compliance upgrades more efficient
  • Improve collaboration in your company
  • Raise your abilities to externalize


If you red the whole article you must have understood, PDM and PLM are complementary! Don’t miss the chance to maximize you processes. It’s a real time saving but also a positive evolution to reach. Not forgetting collaboration between your teams!