PLM software

PLM professional software, maximization and project management

To improve your productivity, decrease time to market, and improve your products lifecycle (PLM), you need a unified management software for all your work documents, applications, files. It’s important that all these elements are managed safely, and that all information is shared easily and logically between several businesses.

PLM software

With our Audros PLM software, every stakeholder of your company works on a single database, accessible to everybody, depending on his position, with a specific business view. There’s a dynamic evolution of access rights at each phase of  projet. You have also a customized software management of version’s modifications and changes, which is guarantee the compliance with current procedure in your company. Adaptation flexibility of the template is included in our Audros PLM software, which makes possible automated or assisted configurators. As well as applications that can be used in any of your company’s departments, technical, administrative or sales.


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Audros is a management software system for technical data (TDM), industrial data and product lifecycle management (PLM). Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about our technical data management solutions.