PLM solution

Technical documents management with the Audros PLM solution

Audros Technology helps industrial professionals for project management. Since 2009, Audros offers a complete PLM solution (Product Lifecycle Management) to maximize products lifecycle management and improve companies’ profits.

To centralize data and find it more easily, Audros develops a TEDM software (Electronic Management of Technical Data and Documents). All companies’ departments will have access to information fast and safe.

The Audros PLM solution maximizes communication between employees in giving them access to all documents. This leading to the creation of a new product (specifications, plans, BOMs, pictures, materials, recommendations…). Each document is clearly indexed (date of creation, files type, files name, creator’s name…).

A custom-made PLM solution

According to your business and your needs, our experts are at your disposal to configurate your Audros PLM solution. Beyond the TEDM tool, find out all PLM software’s functions to profit from a custom-made solution (CAD files management, automation of processes and data, generation of forms and catalogs…).

The Audros PLM software might be associated to your ERP tool (Enterprise Resource Planning) that allows a global visibility of your products and plan optimal production. With Audros ERP, you ensure connection of planning data and technical data.

Thanks to well-known partners, Audros developed solutions compatible with Sage, Clip Industries, Solvaxis… software.

If you want more information about the Audros PLM solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.