Product lifecycle software

Utility of products lifecycle management software

The use of a product lifecycle management software is essential for industrial companies to closely monitor evolution of their products, from the idea to delivery: R&D, design, production, purchase, maintenance, destruction …

Examine closely a product lifecycle enables organize its production, make improvements and even innovate. Product lifecycle management software centralize product information about design and manufacturing methods and automated follow up of the product’s life stages.

Audros offers management software to rank, diffuse and reach products’ forms in controlling their lifecycle. Also, Audros solutions are very easy to use and have adapted ergonomics.

Audros, software editor of product lifecycle management

Filled with its experience of technical data management tools, Audros edits management software of products lifecycle dedicated to industrial business. Our products include two solutions:

These two solutions help well manage products’ lifecycle with or without CAD connector (TEDM-PLM). Also, Audros software allow get:

  • An overview of products’ technical specifications,
  • Detailed knowledge of a product’ evolution state,
  • Real time saving allowing research and innovation,
  • Decrease of costs and moves related to a lack of access to information

To benefit from management software of Audros products’ lifecycle, you just need to contact us filling this simple form. Our teams will advise you and present the optimal solution to your needs after a deep analysis.