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Audros Technology has positioned itself as an expert in the management of processes and the sharing of technical data and documentation to accelerate the productivity of industrial companies.

To do this, Audros Technology offers its eponymous Audros solution and related services. The Audros software tool is designed to assist in the management of all data, documents and operations throughout the Product Development Life cycle. This is called TEDM (Technical Electronic Data/Document Management) and PLM (Product Life cycle Management).

The TEDM and PLM Audros suite allows for the securing, sharing and dissemination of all data and technical documents between the project stakeholders. It ensures the consistency and uniqueness of information between CAD data, ERP, office tools and messaging.

The Audros solution is divided into two ranges: the Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.

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Audros guarantees to provide many benefits for users and for the company through its software solution:

  • Uniqueness of valid information: all users have the same information in real time
  • Reducing search times: simplified search by ultra fast keywords
  • Homogenization of document formats: from one user to another, no constraints in terms of format playback
  • Fluidity in the exchanges between services: speed and efficiency in the exchange process of updated information
  • Secure information sharing with other software: correspondence and time savings via automated sharing between Audros and other ERP solutions
  • Removing multiple entries of the same information: avoid duplication of information
  • Management visibility on the progress of cases and projects, and accelerating decision-making: Audros is an aid for the control of a project from A to Z by connecting the participants of a project, facilitating interaction and representing time saving
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Innovation.Diminution des délais
Reduced delays.

These are three concerns that manufacturers are nowadays forced to face but also to take into account as it allows them to ensure the company’s sustainability by providing a competitive advantage in the market. The Audros software suite enables these companies, in compliance with certain prerequisites, to meet these constraints.


The 3 key concepts on which manufacturers capitalize on in the future

Fostering innovation.

Audros makes the synergistic effect between employees working on the same project possible. The software solution facilitates the process of information exchange and allows for greater efficiency and transversatility whilst carrying out a project.

Help reduce delays.

Manufacturers today face strong pressure from all players in their environment (suppliers, customers, partners, etc.). Audros provides them with the keys for better information flow between PLM, ERP, office tools, messaging, etc. This then generates more responsiveness, efficiency and speed from project participants and thus decreases deadlines for the time to market.

Ensuring data security.

Every company should commit to having a solution that meets this criterion. Audros and can manage user rights on the centralized repository that stores all data securely.