Audros CAD

Audros CAD

Design Department: organize, secure, and share files, properties, and BOMs from CAD.

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Audros CAD

Reduce time spent on management, search and control

In your projects, a large number of low added value tasks can waste your time. With Audros CAD, all these tasks are automated, allowing you to reduce the time spent on classifying and storing documents by 25%.

  • Audros menu in CAD to store 3D models
  • Control access by check-in/check-out
  • Pre-wired Workflow: Change and validation requests (ECR)

Easily reuse your 3D models

With Audros CAD, there is no need to start from scratch with new 3D models. Your older models are completely reusable, you save time and you reduce the risk of error considerably.

  • Full Text and multi-criteria search
  • Copy function of structures
  • Control of the integrity of CAD links

Generation of neutral formats available to all

Audros CAD takes control of CAD data and Design Department documents using Autocad, Catia V5, Inventor, PTC Creo, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS. All data from the software mentioned is retrieved by Audros and can then be easily shared.

  • Automatic generation of 2D neutral PDF, TIF, JPEG files…
  • Optional integration of a 3D viewer such as Edrawings or Autovue
  • Management of derived BOMS (As design, Build, As Maintain As…)

Facilitate collaboration on one or several sites

The explosion regarding the volume of information to be processed and the multiplication of participants on the same project make the use of a dedicated software essential. Thanks to Audros CAD, the entry of data from one system to another (CAD, ERP-ERP, CRM...) is accelerated: you reduce the time spent updating documents and information from participants of the project by 75%.

  • DocBundle function for sending document bundles
  • Monitor trade with automatic slip generation
  • Optional connectors with most of the ERP market

The best companion for Design Department

The only repository for your CAD data

Today, CAD software generate a considerable amount of information, files, and especially links between documents. With Audros CAD, the management and monitoring of this information is simplified, greatly facilitating the work of many people on the same project.

Technology Made in France that has proven results

Audros CAD is based on the Audros PDM/PLM solution with proven results since 1993 with many Design Departments. Its powerful technology adapted to industry has today enabled us to bring new sources of savings and productivity to our clients.

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Scalable towards a global offer

Four other extensions, covering the main areas of application, can easily be associated with Audros CAD, depending on the changes in your activity and your specific needs: TEDM,
Process, Project, ERP.

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