Features - CAD

  • Preconfigured PLM Data Model for Design Departments

    • bidirectional CAD connectors for AutoCAD®, CATIA V5®, Inventor®, PTC Creo®, Solid Edge® ou SOLIDWORKS®
    • Storage and loading with access control via check-in / check-out
    • Updating the control of CAD properties and cartridges
    • Automatic generation of neutral 2D PDF, TIF, JPEG files ...
    • Optional integration of a 3D viewer (eDrawings or AutoVue recommended)
    • Recovery of CAD links, assemblies, parts, configurations or instances and where-used management
    • Attachments of any type of file on a CAD object
    • Management of indices, statutes (life cycle and history)
    • Prewired workflows: Application developments and validation (RCTs)
    • Management of items and derived classifications (Ace Design, Build As ...)
    • Thumbnails for viewing CAD, PDF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIF formats
    • Full Text Search and multi-criteria queries with backup
    • Integrity control of CAD links and copy function for structures
    • Email subscription feature related to any additions or changes of attributes
    • DocBundle function for sending document packages and monitoring the exchange with the automatic generation of a packing slip
    • BOM Export to Word ™ or Excel ™
Frequently asked questions
  • Can I reuse a template for a new 3D project?

    Yes, Audros offers the option to reuse existing 3D models. The powerful Audros search tools make it easier to find an older project. Audros allows for a more efficient reuse of already made designs which translates to time saving and therefore an increase in productivity.

  • Can Audros manage other viewable file formats (e.g PDF) by other services?

    Via the bi-directional CAD connectors for AutoCAD ®, CATIA ® V5, Inventor ®, ME10 ®, PTC Creo ®, Solid Edge ® or SOLIDWORKS ®, Audros allows you to automatically generate 2D neutral files, viewable by: PDF, TIF, JPEG, etc. With the SOLIDWORKS ® connector, Audros can automate the creation of 3D PDF. Finally Audros can integrate most of the viewers of the market as Edrawings or Autovue.

  • What CAD connectors are available with Audros?

    The license includes Audros access with a preconfigured data model for design departments and a CAD connector to choose from:

    - AudrosAcad for AutoCAD 2009 or +
    - AudrosCat for CATIA V5 R17 or +
    - AudrosEdge for Solid Edge ST4 or +
    - AudrosInvent for Inventor 2010 or +
    - AudrosPTC for Pro/ENGINEER/CREO Wildfire 2.0 or +
    - AudrosWorks for SOLIDWORKS 2011 or +

  • What is the AWS option?

    The AWS (Audros Web Service) option lets you quickly view drawings, CAD properties, and BOMS for a non technical user. The AWS consultation interface is in HTML to facilitate integration with an Intranet or an existing portal!
    AWS can perform any kind of search and export the results in both PDF and Excel format, or display them as JPEG thumbnails (e.g.: «drawing tray» electronic).

  • What are the configuration requirements?


    - Processor 2 GHz min.
    - Windows Server 2003, 2008/R2 32/64 bit or Linux Redhat EL ES 5.0, 6.0 32/64bits
    - 4 GB RAM min.
    - 10 GB disk space min.

    User workstations:

    - IE 9 + or Firefox 9 +, or Chrome 9 + with Java Runtime 1.6 x