Audros EDM

Audros EDM

Audros EDM

Audros EDM, a unique repository for classifying, managing, dematerializing and archiving all your documents.

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Audros EDM

Management of all your administrative documents

Thanks to the unique and secure repository Audros EDM, you manage all of your administrative documents (invoices, mails, specifications, orders, purchase orders, …) produced in-house or received from outside requiring a link with your business software (ERP software, payroll software, accounting software, …).

  • Access to your documents according to a preconfigured classification
  • Management of different types of documents
  • Quick and easy document storage in EDM: “drag and drop” or “Save as”

Classification and search for your documents

You listen to all your documents in the Audros EDM, in an automated way or at will from solutions such as Word, Excel, … Furthermore, thanks to its function “research”, you will be able to quickly browse the desired documents.

  • Multi-criteria or full text research
  • Indexation of all types of administration documents

Dematerialization of your administrative documents

With Audros EDM, you can also dematerialize all of your documents, and allow you to highlight manual document flows. This operation will offer you considerable gains (fewer errors, rekeying, data loss).

  • Simplification of the treatment of all your scanned documents: invoices, …
  • Automatic reading of data with specific function.
  • Reconciliation of your invoices, with or without purchase order, to ERP software, accounting software, …

Innovative EDM solution

Choosing Audros EDM also means to benefit an innovative solution that covers all functions related to electronic document management.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Possibility of full web, mobile, cloud, ...
  • Connector to third-party solutions for a complete management of your processes (ERP, Payroll, Accounting, CRM, ...)

The backbone of your information system

A major economic issue for businesses

Today, nearly 90% of business users want a single and centralized access for the sharing of documents. The diversity of product information, its data sources and multiple changes make it very difficult to implement methods of document organization.

French technology that has proven results

Audros TEDM is based on the PLM Audros solution that has proven results since 1993 with many industrial enterprises. In fact, the standard EDM solution relying on the management of Directory Windows ™ or archiving capabilities, prove insufficient to meet most industrial challenges.

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Scalable towards a global offer

Four other extensions, covering the main area of application, can easily be associated with the Audros GEDT, depending on the changes regarding your activities and your specific needs: CAD, Process, Project and ERP.

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